Events for 2021 at Villari’s Studio, Middletown RI


KIDS Ninja Training Games Day Sep 25 2021 J Harding


JEDI SUMMER CAMP AUGUST 3-7 2020 Villari's Martial Arts

JEDI CAMP Aug 3-7 2020 Enrollment Form Villari's Martial Arts



















AMOK! Combatives- Wed Nights 7:30-9:00pm and Upcoming AMOK! Workshops!

AMOK Middletown RI Jesse Harding Tom Sotis Wed nights 730 900pm



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Shaolin Kempo Program Memberships

*For current monthly tuition rates and/or to set up your automatic monthly payment with Paypal  visit our/click here: REGISTER PAGE.


Villari’s Monthly Membership Options: Shaolin Kempo Programs

Villari’s of Middletown has been serving the  Aquidneck Island Community since 1985.

Our Commitment- “Enrichment through professional  martial arts instruction”

Our Mission- “Positively impacting lives through the martial arts.”

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Our goal is to utilize the martial arts to aid our members in their quest to lead safe, healthy,

and happy lives. The benefits don’t stop when class ends. Home. School. Work.

You may be surprised by how many ways the lessons of the Dojo impact life.


Flexible Scheduling

¨ Up to four classes to choose from.

¨ Mix and match every week for maximum convenience.

¨ Missed a week? Come to extra classes at your convenience.

¨ Age and ability specific classes to allow for you to be continually challenged as you progress.


Positive, Caring and Professional Environment

¨ Instructors must meet strict teaching qualifications.

¨ Quality is maintained through ongoing instructor training.

¨ Emphasis on positive motivation.

¨ Every member will be treated with respect.


100% Class Participation

¨ Members will not be excluded from any part of class.

¨ Class is structured to provide a comprehensive and consistent experience.


Customized Fitness and Flexibility Program

¨ Fitness goals are adjusted to the member’s needs.

¨ Fitness curriculum is modified based on age and skill level.


Performance Based Rank Advancement

¨ Rank advancement is determined on an individual basis.

¨ Members advance based on their individual potential.


1. Limited Membership (Brass) (1 class per week)

Short on time? Just one class per week will get you in and get you started. This program includes: four group class options each week (pick one each week).


2. Full Membership (Bronze) (2 classes per week)

For those who wish to experience the martial arts fully, this is the program for you. Benefits include: four or more group class options each week (pick any two each week/ you can always make up missed classes as well) plus the sparring class (as a 5th option/bonus class).


3. Extended Membership (Silver) (3 Group Classes a week)

All of the benefits of full membership, plus the ability to attend up to three group classes per week.


4. Premium Membership (Gold) (Unlimited Group Classes)

All of the benefits of full membership, plus the ability to attend unlimited group classes.


*Full Membership Family Plans

Many of our students train together as a family. We have special programs at a discounted price to make it easier for the whole family to join the fun. In addition to enjoying all of the benefits of a full member, family packages also include 10% savings on merchandise and equipment. The second family member that enrolls receives a 20% discount in tuition. The third family member receives a 30% discount and after that all other members train for free!



*Black Belt Club

Additional Classes offered each week:

Black Belt Club members learn: Weapon Training, Leadership Skills, STORM (Student Team Of Role Models) Training, Advanced material and more.

Open to Purple Belts & Above:  Students fill out a form and write a short essay to apply.

To maintain Black Belt Club Member status, students agree to pay tuition every month of the year without missing any months.


*Private Lessons

Private Lessons are offered in 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.  Private Lessons are available as one session or in blocks of four.

There are discounts when you order a block of four private lessons.

If two people share the session they may split the cost and save.

Private Lessons are ideal for individuals or small groups who may prefer privacy and at a time and place of their convenience.


For current monthly tuition rates and/or to set up your automatic monthly payment with Paypal  visit our REGISTER PAGE.

We have no long term contracts. Members can cancel at any time.

Payments can be made by check, cash, credit card, direct deposit and automatic monthly reoccurring payments with Paypal.

Villaris Martial Arts Middletown RI Self Defense Wellness for men women children

women self def clinic VMAC village Proj demo July2012 5 OCT 2014 Pics 211 IMG_3513 IMG_7752 IMG_3780 IMG_5939 48397737_2152289831505321_118535767315185664_n 37093715_1911543958913244_592977766299729920_n FB Karate kids wellness aquidneck island newport middletown portsmouth avary jes matt 50 yr anniv 2018 sturbridgetakedown workshop mar2019 IMG_6276

IMG_8304 IMG_4688 IMG_467444 Feb March 5th Pics 002 Copy of Picture 130

Villari’s Martial Arts Fall Classic Tournament Sat. Nov. 23, 2019

Belt Test Villaris Feb 29 2020

Villari’s Video Library & Live Virtual-Zoom Training Are Both Available Now!



Villaris Video Library Icon 2020

From all of us at Villari’s Martial Arts-

How are you?

We are certainly living in “interesting times!”

VILLARI’S VIDEO LIBRARY- At Home Training Resource

Villari’s Video On-Line Library for on-line learning, study and practice at home and in between classes is now available. There are over 350 videos available now. We trust this is helping people stay engaged in learning and practicing their material when away from the studio.  We have been adding new video content for each of our programs, archival videos of Villari events, clips of our students from class, past demonstrations, Grandmaster Villari clips, funny videos, tournament clips, full follow along archived classes and much more. In addition, we are putting video segments from our on-line Zoom classes and will continue to build this resource.

We have sent emails with instructions and steps to create a “User Profile” with a unique password for access to our video library. If you did not receive your “User Profile” invite, please email us with your best email address so we can update your info in the system. We ask that each member not share their with others.  These videos cannot be downloaded, they can only be viewed through our website.

We will be providing this service now as a “test run” during this time due to the Corona situation and provide options in the future for each student to have continued access to this video library resource.



Wishing each of you the best!


The Villari Team


Contact us if you have any questions or issues in setting things up.



















CHAKRA MEDITATION QIGONG TRAINING: Fall 2021 Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm October-November-December

CHAKRA Meditation Training Promo Fall 2021 Jesse Harding



Tai Chi- Qi-Gong: Level 1: Intensive Course: Fall 2021

Tai Chi QiGong Level 1 Cert Program FALL 2021 Jesse Harding P1

Tai Chi QiGong Level 1 Cert Program FALL 2021 Jesse Harding P2





















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