AMOK! Practical Combatives FAQs




What is AMOK! Practical

Teaching both unarmed and armed self-protection from attacks, AMOK! courses are designed for rapid skill development.


What kind of courses are offered?

Practical Knife Defense and Practical Knife Fighting are the core programs which expand to include using other instruments, weapons, and empty hands.

How will AMOK! benefit you?

You will enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from being firmly prepared to protect yourself and those you care about.

When do classes meet?



TOM SOTIS, founder of AMOK!, presents several times a year at our school.

We offer a variety of workshops through the year as well. Check the schedule for topics, dates and times.


Can beginners who are new to the martial arts join AMOK!?

Yes! AMOK! is open to teen and adult students of all skill levels.


Are there more opportunities to train in AMOK!?

Yes! There are various AMOK! clinics held at Villari’s Martial Arts Center throughout the year, some on weekends (check the schedule for upcoming workshops here at Villari’s) and other clinics held throughout the New England region. AMOK! seminars and camps are presented worldwide. Tom Sotis, the founder of AMOK! Combatives and Jesse Harding, AMOK! Instructor, visit our facility regularly to lead workshops on a variety of subjects.

AMOK! classes currently meet two times a month on a Sunday, in Holbrook, MA.

Tom Sotis, Jesse Harding and other instructors present AMOK! at these classes.


hardingAbout Jesse Harding- AMOK! Instructor

Jesse Harding, licensed AMOK! Instructor, has been training consistently in AMOK! directly with Tom Sotis since 1999.  Jesse has been teaching AMOK! through weekly classes and workshops at Villari’s and in other locations since 2001. He has invested hundreds of hours training and teaching AMOK! Jesse has been presented various AMOK! Awards over the years, including “Tribal Leader of the Year.” He has traveled through South East Asia to the Philippines (2001, 2008) and Thailand (2003, 2005) on numerous occasions to train in the combative arts. Jesse is available for private lessons by appointment. Contact Jesse Harding Directly:





To Learn More Visit: AMOK.GLOBAL

Information, videos and other excellent resources can be found at AMOK.GLOBAL.


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AMOK! Values:
1) We value the truth of functionality in real time above all else.
2) We will adjust or replace any technique to improve our functionality.
3) We will adjust or replace any drill to improve our functionality.
4) We teach only the best way we know, never second best.
5) We strive to be the best training partner we can be.
6) AMOK! is a professional company that trains people and licenses Trainers; AMOK! is not a martial art.
7) We do not seek, nor offer, nor do we accept, any martial titles or rank relating to knife fighting.
8) We mandate tactically-sound and legally-defensible training, and socially-responsible behavior.


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