Past Qi-Gong & Meditation Courses- Archive

Past Qi-Gong & Meditation Courses- Archive


This archive page, includes descriptions and fliers of workshops and courses presented by Master Jesse Harding

here at Villari’s Martial Arts.

If any of these topics is of interest let us know and in the future Master Jesse may present workshops

on these areas and/or on new topics.


Those interested in Private or Small Group (2-4 people) training with Master Jesse can arrange

virtual Zoom sessions or in person sessions to go through any of these courses or material with him.






Tao of Empowerment Course Winter 2023 Jesse Harding

Medical Qigong Daoyin Health Healing Longevity Training FALL 2022 Jesse Harding villaris-ri.com5 Element Medical Qigong Course Level 1 Winter 2022 villaris martial arts middletown RI Jesse HardingCHAKRA Meditation Training Promo Fall 2021 Jesse Harding villaris-ri.comShengong Workshops Thur May 19 & 26 2022 Villaris martial arts w Jesse HardingCircle of Light Qigong Summer Training June July Aug 2022 Jesse HardingSHEN GONG Meditation Level 1 Course Summer 2021 July 8 to Sep 23 Thur 6to7 Jesse Harding

More information available upon request for the SHEN-GONG Meditation course.

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Previous Meditation Training Topics:


MEDITATION MONDAYS with Master Jesse Harding TOPICS 2019 p1



MEDITATION MONDAYS with Master Jesse Harding TOPICS 2019 p2