Michael Corvese, Tai Chi-Qigong Instructor


Michael has been practicing Qigong and Taijiquan since 2013.

After 25 years of struggling with stress and anxiety in unhealthy ways, he discovered the eastern arts of Qigong and Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

Inspired by a visit to Qingcheng Mountain, considered the birthplace of Taoism, in Chengdu, China, Michael began his study of eastern philosophy and medicine.

These practices led to a change in both physical and mental states that caused a monumental transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

Michael began studying the works of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming in 2013, including Qigong theory, multiple Qigong exercise sets, and the 37 posture Yang style Taijiquan form.

Later, Michael joined Central Maryland Martial Arts where he spent 2 years learning the Yang style 13- and 24-posture forms, and a 42-posture mixed style Taijiquan form

under the supervision of instructors Richard White and Anna Cross.

Now back in Rhode Island, Michael has been a student of Master Jesse Harding, at Villari’s Martial Arts Center, since 2021, practicing the 37 posture Yang style Taijiquan form,

learning new and interesting Qigong sets, and attending advanced Qigong and meditation classes.

He has been sharing the benefits of this practice with family and friends for several years.

Michael received his certification as a Taijiquan/Qigong Instructor in 2023 and is continuing his educational studies with Master Harding.

Contact Michael directly: michael.villarismiddletown@gmail.com



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