About Villari’s

Our Mission is-

Positively Impacting Lives Through the Martial Arts!

Our goal is to provide every man, woman and child with the highest quality of Martial Arts Training, so that they become empowered to live richer, more rewarding and meaningful lives, and in so doing, contribute to a stronger and healthier  community.

Villari’s Martial Arts has a long history of success. Grandmaster Fred Villari opened his first dojo in 1968.  He has taught and shared the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate to hundreds of thousands over the years. There have been over 300 Villari Studios opened over the past four decades in the U.S. and Canada. Villari’s of Middletown, RI has been serving the Aquidneck Island area since 1985.

The Mind/Body Connection

The martial arts at Villari’s is not your average workout program.  Most workout programs contain large amounts of repetitious physical activity but severely lack the mental stimulation that our program provides. We’ve created a FUN Self-Defense program involving continuous discovery, learning and growth, containing the right balance of both mental and physical activity to leave you feeling GREAT, class after class.

We Bet You’ll Love It!

Through our experience, we have found that the biggest obstacle in getting involved in the martial arts is actually taking the first step.  Individuals who are interested often feel a sense of intimidation about the martial arts.  Television and movies sometimes portray the martial arts as an activity for people who like to fight and/or be violent.

In fact, martial arts training teaches non-violence as well as personal development and growth.  Being a Martial Artist is clearly a way of life.

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