Private Lessons

Private Lessons IN PERSON & ON LINE- SKYPE

  • Private Lessons for Personal Coaching, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, etc. can be arranged both in person and on line using Skype.  Contact us if you may be interested in “On-Line” options for training.

Main characteristics of Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons are ideal for individuals who prefer a one on one learning environment
  • Accelerate one’s learning between group classes
  • Cover material more in depth not normally taught in regular classes such as weapon forms and other areas of the arts
  • Receive personal coaching before a tournament, belt test or other big event
  • Private Lessons may be done for the same price for up to two people. This is an ideal way for two people to split the fee, save money and have a partner to practice with between sessions.


Main Benefits of Private Lessons

  • You choose the Instructor to work with
  • You choose the location most convenient for you
  • You determine how long each session lasts
  • You decide how often to have sessions
  • You can set the pace of the activities
  • You receive 100% attention


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