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Villari’s Martial Arts has a long history of success. Grandmaster Fred Villari, the founder of the core system, opened his first dojo in 1968.  He has taught and shared the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate to hundreds of thousands over the years. There have been over 300 Villari Studios opened over the past five decades primarily through the United States and Canada. Villari’s of Middletown, RI has been going strong and serving the Aquidneck Island consistently for nearly 40 years. (Est. 1985)!

The Core system of  Shaolin Kempo Karate  is a “mixed martial art,” that combines the Four Ways of Fighting (Hitting, Kicking, Felling & Grappling) into one.


The self-defense training at Villari’s incorporates time-honored fighting principles expressed through the Traditional Five Animals of Shaolin Kung-Fu: the Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Crane and Snake, as well as Jiu-Jitsu/Chin’na (joint locking & ceasing), Mongolian Wrestling principles, and more.

Students learn practical self defense techniques and principles for a wide variety of situations.

Self defense training adults villaris martial arts middletown RI

Curriculum Topics include-

1) Basics- Health Cultivation (flexibility, cardio, endurance, strength, meditation, etc.), Strikes, Kicks, Blocks & Parries, Stances, Footwork,  Joint-Lock/Breaks, Take Downs/Sweeps/Throws,  clearly defined Attacking Tactics and Counter Attack Tactics.

2) Forms- “Kata” training including practical self-defense applications (bunkai) for every move taught.

3) Self-defense “Combinations”–  Quick and effective techniques that blend the “4 ways of fighting” (Striking, Kicking, Felling & Grappling).

4) Improvised Attack Responses- Defense against grabs, chokes, joint locks, holds versus single and multiple opponents.  Empty Hand Defense against weapon threats and attack versus knife, gun, and stick. This training promotes “spontaneous right action” under pressure and while facing various forms of “threat” to prepare one to effectively handle a sudden surprise attack.

5) Sparring– Kumite “Kickboxing,” Push-Hands, Grappling, and other forms of sparring.

6) Practical Self-Defense- Scenario Training-  Applying your skills quickly and effectively, in a morally and legally sound way, guided by clear rules of engagement for a wide range of practical street defense situations and “conflict profiles.”


Villari’s of Middletown also incorporates key areas of “Analytic Combat” and AMOK! Combatives into its core curriculum.

Adults gain many benefits from practicing this art: confidence, self-control and discipline of the mind and body.



Adult VMA Villari's Martial Arts Training


Program Features

  • Adults of all ages can benefit and participate. Each student can adapt the art to suit them.
  • Mind & Body Training including Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Stretching & Body Conditioning
  • Practical self-defense training for the 21st century!
  • Open classes—Students work on the material for their level and with others at a similar level of skill:                                                                                                                                                                    -Beginner   -Intermediate   -Advanced
  • Flexible tuition programs sure to fit your needs. Including Family member discounts.
  • Private lessons available—Personal training to provide you with that special one-on-one instruction.

Class Times & Schedule

Adult classes are one hour. Some adults enjoy doubling up, by taking the Cardio-Kickboxing class along with the Adult VMA classes.

Evening and Weekend class times are available.

Private or Small Group sessions can be arranged by appointment.

See our Class Schedule Page for more details.


Empty Hands & Weapons Training 

The primary focus of the core system is Empty Hands defense against a wide spectrum of conflict profiles, using Hitting, Kicking, Felling (Take Downs, Throws, etc) and Grappling. We provide an extensive curriculum to develop effective empty hands self-defense against weapon attacks (ie. edged weapon and blunt instrument attacks and hold ups involving knives and guns)

At Intermediate level, students have the option to learn the use of Traditional Martial Arts Weapons. Weapons taught at Villari’s include: Bo (Staff), Katana, Tai Chi Sword, Chinese Broad Sword, Tonfa, Nun-Chucks, Sai, Kama, Fans, Double Daggers, Butterfly Swords and many more. Each year various Weapon Clinics are offered at our school.

Student interested in learning the use of both empty hands and weapons for personal defense are encouraged to also train in AMOK! Combatives.  “I am the weapon, everything is an accessory. One mind, any weapon.”

Villaris martial arts self defense training middletown RI

Benefits of Training

  • Practical Self-Defense Skills, Awareness and Preparedness!
  • Increase Energy, Vitality, Health and Well-Being!
  • Increase Flexibility & Strength!
  • Lose Weight!
  • Tighten and Tone Muscles!
  • Greater Confidence that comes from Competence!
  • Make New Friends!
  • Inner Peace, Reduce Stress and Feel Great!
  • Develop the Self-Discipline to achieve any goal!
  • Develop the attitude to persevere, even when things get challenging!
  • Have FUN!!!  And Much More!!!

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Fitness For All 

Each person practices at their own pace and at their own level of fitness.  At Villari’s Martial Arts members are encouraged to focus on improving their own abilities and not to compare themselves to others in the class.  If you have any health issues or physical challenges always consult with your health care professional before starting any physical exercise program.


Safety First

At Villari’s great care is given to make each class as safe as possible and to train in a way that promotes good health.  “Safety First” is one of our regular sayings in class. Many martial art masters have said the purpose of training is to develop good health so that one may enjoy “more years in their life and more life in their years.”  Students are given specific instructions, guidelines and coached to apply appropriate self-control to prevent injuries from occurring. All self-defense techniques and exercises are applied based on the student’s level of experience. We also use safety equipment when appropriate to reduce the risk of injury. By following the directions of the instructors you will find there is less chance of injury than in most popular sports.

How to Get Started 

We offer a 2-Week Introductory Program (for $19.95) where you can join unlimited classes for 2-weeks to take our classes for a test drive.

Contact us today to schedule your first visit to our school.

Through our experience, we have found that the biggest obstacle in getting involved in the martial arts is actually taking the first step.  Individuals who are interested often feel a sense of intimidation about the martial arts.  Television and movies sometimes portray the martial arts as an activity for people who like to fight and/or be violent.

In fact, martial arts training teaches non-violence as well as personal development and growth.  Being a Martial Artist is clearly a way of life.

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu



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A Dojo [practice hall; literally “place of” “TAO”] is a miniature cosmos

where we make  contact with ourselves – our fears, anxieties, reactions, and habits.

It is an arena of confined conflict where we  confront an opponent who is not an opponent

but rather a partner engaged in  helping us understand ourselves more fully.”

-Joe Hyams, Zen in The Martial Arts

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