Villari’s Past Event Highlights Nearly 40 Years!



Celebrating Nearly 40 years of

VILLARI EVENTS on the Aquidneck Island & Beyond!

Villari’s Martial Arts of Middletown RI. EST. 1985

We are grateful for the many years our Dojo has served our community empowering people to become              Safer, Healthier and Happier through Martial Arts!

Here are just some of the images which capture Villari’s memories over the years!







 IMG_4873IMG_5172IMG_3085 IMG_4746 IMG_3062 IMG_4747Dojo party JUNE 2023 chief instructor sensei ThomasIMG_5501

IMG_5236 IMG_1255 IMG_1444 Villari's Martial Arts Middletown RI AUG BELT TEST 2014 villari 50 yr anniv 2018 sturbridge Vegas 2006 009 IMG_7752 IMG_3780 IMG_5939 20150228_093640 IMG_1714 IMG_2901 IMG_9969 IMG_5186 IMG_5126 32247293_1827216037346037_627185978221527040_nIMG_8304 IMG_3635 Flexible seminar IMG_6513 IMG_9190 Student of Month Villari's Martial Arts April 2018 Avary Middletown RI Karate Kungfu IMG_1080 Jesse TAI CHI Newport Today News Story Jan 19 2017 MLK story 2 Villari's Martial Arts Middletown RI pic Newspaper Villaris Martial Arts KIDS KARATE Middletown RI IMG_4676 2014-05-03_13-27-43_938 IMG_3739 100_4496 jesse bday IPhone Mar 5 2016 803 jesse bday IPhone Mar 5 2016 520 IMG_6057 Nov 05 dojo & thanksgiving 100green grocer pic may 31 2014Villari's martial arts All nighter June 2014Green Grocer DEMO May 31 2014Villaris Martial Arts DEMO Gaudet Best Buds MARCH 20 2014 Copy of Picture 130 July 2006 117 11667356_919329168134733_3429083274034847232_n 393920_259245484143108_995345709_n Oct Nov 2010 956 Oct Nov 2010 044 AMOK! Class June 2012 Oct Nov 2010 030 Sep2012 041 IMG_5418IMG_3622IMG_4742IMG_3386IMG_1427IMG_1318IMG_7957VMAC village Proj demo July2012 5Sep 2008 150March April 2016 JesPics 32949170062_2152278178173153_5654377157317623808_n34258493_1849237505143890_4816783072022233088_n48414952_2158606220873682_7543696548857643008_n48397737_2152289831505321_118535767315185664_n34121969_1849237208477253_5681414109589929984_n34140914_1849237695143871_2090178557954228224_n34110799_1849236568477317_1075278249765896192_n15726205_1295417883859191_3941001601282415566_nIMG_1714Feb March 5th Pics 037Feb March 5th Pics 029kama seminarIMG_50573Sec Staff BombalierJune 09Scan0023_023John HockdownIMG_467444Jesse Harding Tai Chi Middletown RIIMG_9192IMG_5164IMG_5509IMG_5124AMOK class July2013 VMACAMOK class Mon July20134H Fair DEMO July 2013 M JesseAMOK! Summer Camp July 2013Ninja Summer Camp VMAC JULY 2013Tai Chi Class Portsmouth March 2013Green Grocer DemoSound Healing Journey June2013 Villari's Martial ArtsSound HEaling ROsie June 2013Paul Z 3rd Black Belt promotion June 2013Paul Zasada 3rd Deg with Po Cruz JesVMACBlackBeltTest June2013June BLACK BELT Test Paul and MattTai Chi Demo NUWC June2013GreatAll Nighter JUNE 2013GreenGrocer Demo JessePaul Jes Knife Demo Green GrocerNUWC DEMO Jes throws paul june2013Torrington Kempo Jesse Clinic May 2013 textTorrington Kempo Jesse Clinic May 2013 2VillariGaudet2013 7VillariGaudet2013 6VillariGaudet2013 14AMOK! SUM CAMP 2013Villaris Martial Arts Beach Demo Aug 2013SOTM Villaris SEP 2013villaris JR TN Belt Test June2013Villaris NUWC Health Expo June2013Villaris Adult Belt Test June 2013IMG_4795students of month villari's martial arts middletown RI Tai chi villaris-ri.comstudents of month JUNE 2017 Villaris martial artsNavy Base Demo July 28, 06IMG_4671jesse bday IPhone Mar 5 2016 288jesse bday IPhone Mar 5 2016 509IMG_625820160410_100204IMG_589511141755_10204895330527567_4993667119514588059_ngreen grocer villari's first year demo 2007Copy of Picture 131Amok sum camp july07 032July 2006 117Picture 1881039952_10151648295099487_1603732522_o547245_2786610362906_1040870563_n1063425_4305415772092_1915566116_nDEC 2012 188Oct Nov 2010 956SEP 2010 729AMOK! CLinic stick machete MAY 12, 2014 Villari's Middletown RIRelay for life demo may 16 2014 Villarisninja Turtle Demo Barnes and Noble Aug2014 Villari's Martial ArtsBeach Demo Aug2014Villari's Martial Arts Middletown RI AUG BELT TEST 2014SOTM Villaris Martial Arts SEP 2014VMAC Ninja Game Night Jan2013Nov 05 tourn & amok camp 244AUG 2015 Jes 1432Villari Beach Demo SumCamp AUG2014 00411110575_869418999786806_1036963724361878343_nKarate Birthday Party NOV 2015 Villaris Middletown RIIMG_4575Belly Breathing Villari's Middletown RI Go beyond the gradesStudents of Month OCT 2015IMG_4085Po Jes Disarming VideosMichael Corvese Jesse Harding tai chi qigong www.villaris-ri.comIMG_3062IMG_9676IMG_9670IMG_9681IMG_9686IMG_5606IMG_1418IMG_1228IMG_1198IMG_1098FB Karate kids wellness aquidneck island newport middletown portsmouth46086950_2093178944083077_6232824997715378176_nBelt Test June 08Dec 2006 004DEC 2010 398IMG_6197IMG_6535asaIMG_6276IMG_4700HQ1Villaris Student of Month June 2019 villaris-ri.comStud of Month March 2019 Villari's Martial Arts Middletown RIstudents of month Villari's Martial Arts Karate for kids Middletown RI Aug 2018students of month villari's martial arts middletown RI Tai chi villaris-ri.comStudents of Month JAN 2018img_4174student-of-month-nov-2016-villaris-martial-arts-middletown-riNavy Base Demo June 9, 06Gaudet Demo Article March 22, 07Salve Post Card Feb 06Students of the MOnth Villari AUG 2016Villaris Martial Arts Students of The Month JULY 2016Villari's StudentOfMonth June2016 Middeltown RIIMG_03142014-05-03_13-27-43_938July 2006 186March April 2016 JesPics 345March April 2016 JesPics 351017_17dojo pics Feb 08 004dojo pics Feb 08 250dojo pics Feb 08 188amok clinic how2prev a crim assaultfamily power mix 2 026Fred Villari jointlocksAug Sep 2009 280Po grab squaredStudents of MOnth VillarisMiddletownRI March 2016IMG_5187Students of Month Jan 2016 Villaris Martial Arts Middletown RI11110575_869418999786806_1036963724361878343_nKarate Birthday Party NOV 2015 Villaris Middletown RIsum camp Aug 2007 025Jesse Beach DemoBombalier Fanform Nov2011First beach Demo Aug2011Sum Camp Aug2011Sep Oct 2011 145Demo Team White Backgrd2PC Clinic 2005AUG 2011 080JR Villari class in actionCROPSturbridge Nov 2010 128Tai Chi Class Newport JesseTai Chi Day Newport 2005Jr Beg class in actionAction shot2J Fritz TAI CHIadult shaolinclassadultclass sideangleCROPtaichi queen square jessePortsmouth Tai Chi classtaichi queen square jessetai chi qigong class 2011PC Class 2011AMOK! PoPC Clinic 2005amokshaolin class in actionJes picsJuly Aug 2011 922Jes picsJuly Aug 2011 921Deb LeongOct Nov 2010 1187Villari-and-Jessebirthdaydemoshaolin hook sword clinic may2010


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