Safer, Healthier, Happier

A balanced life is born from a healthy body,

happy mind, and safe constructive relationships.


The dojo has so much to offer. The exchange in a sparring match can be symbolic of a tense conversation. Challenging one’s self on the mats strengthens the body and immune system. Pushing through self imposed limitations with the encouragement of your instructors instills the belief that you can succeed at anything you are willing to work for. Step on the mats and feel your stress melt away as you lose yourself in the art. Six topics. They are built in to every class. Each month one of these topics gets a little extra attention, allowing the student to squeeze additional benefit from their martial arts experience.

Personal Safety
Learn how to stay safe through prevention, awareness, and preparation.

Learn how to exercise at home to get maximum benefit without getting bored.

Conflict Resolution
Learn how to deal with conflict constructively by observing and understanding your reactions.

Stress Management
Learn how to breathe properly, and relieve tension through simple exercises.

Personal Power
Learn how to stand, talk and plan for high performance in any endeavor.

Confidence Building
Learn how to project confidence in any situation through simple drills and techniques.