Villari’s Video Library is Now Up & Available for Members! We are also offering Live Virtual Training!

From all of us at Villari’s Martial Arts-



How are you?

We are certainly living in “interesting times!”


We are excited to announce the launching of Villari’s Video On-Line University for on-line learning, study and practice at home and in between classes. This “On-Line” resource will give each student access to tons of videos related to each facet of the training with us at Villari’s. We will be adding new video content for each of our programs on a regular basis.

Some Video Content will be available to all of our students. Other content will have restricted access and only available to students based on Program and Rank. For example, White belts will have access to beginner videos for white belts, Blue belts will have access to videos for Blue belts, Little Dragons can see “Little Dragons” videos, etc. Tai Chi students will have access to Tai Chi videos and AMOK! students will be able to view AMOK! videos.

We trust this Video Library University will allow for each student to be able to stay engaged in learning and practicing their material when away from the studio. Some videos are designed to be a “follow along” workout and practice session. Other videos give detail instruction, demonstration and discussion of the principles related to the material being studied.  We will include additional archival videos of Villari events and demonstrations of the past, clips of Grandmaster Villari in action, funny videos, tournament clips, and more.

Each member of our school will be receiving an email from “Kicksite” (Our school’s on-line server) with instructions and steps to create a “User Profile” with a unique password for access. If you do not receive your “User Profile” invite, please email us with your best email address so we can update your info in the system. We ask that each member not share their password and profile with others. The access to these videos is meant only for each student who trains with us.  These videos cannot be downloaded, they can only be viewed through our website.

Master Jesse, Sensei Matt and Mr. Joe have spent four days filming and have already created over 200 videos!

We will be providing this service now as a “test run” during the time we are closed due to the Corona situation and provide options in the future for each student to have continued access to this resource.

In addition to this large video library we will be sending out information soon about times and options for doing Virtual On-Line training using “Zoom” like many schools and Universities are currently doing. We plan to record highlights from these sessions and archive them in the video library as well for future access and review.

We trust you will enjoy many of these fun and interesting videos. Some of the Little Dragon videos were designed to be entertaining, engaging and playful (LOL). Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are doing our best to provide each member of our school uninterrupted service during this unique and interesting time in our world.

Wishing each of you the best!


Master Jesse and The Villari Team





Contact us if you have any questions or issues in setting things up.




















  1. Self rescue from a knife attack sounds interesting. I wish I could go, miss training with you Brother.

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