Villari’s 2021 Zoom & Live Class Schedule of Classes


Villari's Martial Arts Schedule 2021


This is our present schedule as of January 1st 2021 (we will continue to navigate the Covid situation & keep you updated if anything changes): We offer in-person classes at Villari’s Studio on WED & THUR. We are also offering on-line training with ZOOM for all classes and Zoom only classes on Mondays and Saturdays. Villari Members will access to a huge video library for at home training and practice.  Private lessons are available by appointment on Zoom and in-person.


For Zoom Links to your Class please email us:


We will send you the appropriate link to your class.


For new students wishing to join any program please contact us and we will discuss

ways to begin. We are also providing access to our Video Library for each of our programs for individuals wishing

to learn and study at home.


Tai Chi-Qi-Gong-Meditation Instructional and Follow Along Video Library: $15/month

Self-Defense/Martial Arts Training Video Library: $15/month

















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